Monday, December 2, 2013

Words by Janet Elliott Brown

Words are a dangerous thing. One never knows what they will bring.
Words once filled with so much light can then turn dark and cold as night.

Words that were spoken, better left unsaid. The truth tied up in feelings of dread.
When words cut deep, bloody and jagged. Truth is torn apart, broken and ragged.

Lips once red spoke words so sweet, lies now lay in puddles at the feet.
Words as weapons used to confuse, twisting truth just to be obtuse.

Anger is born as a last defense. by words unfair and purposely dense.
Harsh words wound when spoken, soon enough the spirit is broken.

Twisted; and turned inside out turn to despair, disappointment and doubt.
Words escape at the wrong time, later replaying over and over in the mind

Words to convince that the truth isn't real. Words to change the way that we feel.
Words break hearts, words close minds, and words untrue are works unkind.

Echoing still, words replay on their own, lingering whispers do cut to the bone.
Razor sharp words, swift stab to the soul. Knife cuts deep, halving the whole.

So deep the words the wounds so deep, causing the heart forever to weep
Words break hearts, harsh and cruel, who believes the words is a sad fool.

Why then pretend to believe the lies when words untrue are just weak alibis.
Pride is born to a liar believed, until the truth uncovers the truth deceived.

Words have been spoken, better left unsaid. The truth tied up in feelings of dread.
Wounds cut deep, bloody and jagged. Truths torn apart, left broken and ragged.

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