Monday, December 2, 2013

Words by Janet Elliott Brown

I woke up at 9 today. I thought about what was said.

I am not pretending a thing. I don't know what possibilities this day will bring.  It could be filled with things light and fun but turn dark and cold without the sun.

Words have been spoken, some were better unsaid. The truth now wrapped in feelings of dread. Wounds cut deep, bloody and jagged. Truths torn apart, left broken and ragged.

Lips once red spoke words so sweet, lies lay in puddles at my feet. Words as weapons meant to cause confusion, twist the truth; tossing words like old refuse.

Anger is born as a last defense.  Unjust, unfair, and purposely dense. Stealing faith, no one to trust. Words untrue, are also words unjust.

Twisted; and turned inside out. No end to despair, disappointment and doubt. Words escape me at this time so there's no reason, only this rhyme.

Words to convince that the truth isn't real. Words used to change the way that we feel. Words break hearts, words close minds, words untrue leave heartache behind.

Echoing still, words run on their own, lingering whispers they cut to the bone. Razor sharp words, swift stab to the soul. Knife cuts deep, halving the whole.

Deep, so deep, cuts leave scars ever more. Words ravage the mind, but don't even the score. Words break hearts, harsh and cruel, who speaks the words is ever the fool.

Who are the ones that believe their lies? Words untrue are but cheap alibis. Pride is born to a liar believed, yet the truth lives on and is never deceived.

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