Monday, December 2, 2013

Whatever We Want to Do by Janet Elliott Brown

I didn't finish that long list of questions. It matters not what I think. Nor does it matter what anyone else thinks. I believe that we, all of us, look at everything thru our own perspective. If we create it in our mind, it is real to us, our views and feelings are all we feel and see.

The rationale we use is understandable and valid. We define good, bad, just, unjust, and right or wrong based on how bad we want something.

It is impossible for anyone to change the way others see and interpret their own behavior. We justify what we want and we justify whatever it takes to get what we want.

So, it makes no difference what Janet Brown thinks. It is whatever you think, or what he thinks and what we tell ourselves it is.

There aren't very many things so important to a man that he would go to all the trouble of taking buses, trains, hitchhiking, climbing mountains or crossing desert sands to get. Their aren't many things that would be so important, or wanted so badly to do all that. Whatever it is must be something pretty damn enticing to be worth the effort. We can guess what those things are.

We all know men are motivated by one particular thing, right? If they want something badly enough, in their mind, it's already belongs to them.

And, that's all there is to say because nothing that is said will sway them. They won't listen or consider doing anything but what they want to do.

So realizing that truth, we must accept it and recognize that there is nothing that anyone could ever say that would be considered of any relevance. Why not? Simply because for every situation, each person is connected separately. Each one is given the same information, but the message is recieved differently. Each person has their own list of excuses, reasons, mitigating circumstances, miscellaneous factors, and all the other justifications they can conjure up, that they can apply that allows them to continue to do exactly what they want to do...

So, our words don't have any influence over anyone else's choices. It doesn't mean a thing that someone else had a different opinion. We tell ourselves that from their point of view, their perspective is clouded, so they cannot see things as clearly as we do. We do what we want to do.

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